Video: Sentinel Content-Hub and Repositories

Sentinel Content-Hub and Repositories

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I’ve created a new video from the topic Microsoft Sentinel updates. I’m really happy to share my knowledge with you and you can find everything on my YouTube channel.

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The video is from type Nugget and will take approx 15min. It is based on a technical level 200 and will cover the topic of Microsoft Sentinel updates.More

Okay, so let’s go to the details. Microsoft Ignite is over, and there are a lot of new announcements and feature presented. There are also two really interesting new features in Microsoft Sentinel, which I’ve described in my Video.

  • Microsoft Sentinel Content-Hub
  • Microsoft Sentinel Repositories

I really love those two new features, because they are useful and represent an important part of the right cloud journey because, with Microsoft repositories, it’s really easy to implement CI/CD into your Microsoft Sentinel environment.

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Cool news from Microsoft Ignite, and I know, there are so many new things in the pipeline, so look forward to all new features and improvements in Microsoft Sentinel.

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