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Tips and Tricks Resource visualizer

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In that BlogPost, I want to show you a new feature, which is for my point of view awesome for documentation scenarios and to find out service dependencies. I love the speed in Azure and I guess it’s not the newest feature and it wasn’t announced on the Azure updates blog, but no worries, I’ll do my best to bring the newest news as soon as possible.

The feature resource visualizer

Azure has different options for visualization. When we think about network visualizers, we can use the Azure Network Watcher. To do this, open the network watcher and select the “topology” section.

That’s a really awesome service, which you can use for your documentation and also understand your network architecture. But now, we have another option, and for my point of view, it’s also a really good option.

When you open the Azure portal, go to the resource group service and select on resource group, you can find on the left side a new option names “Resource visualizer”. That option is for all resources not only your network services.

Azure network visualization

Azure sentinel visualization


The new feature is a perfect one. I wish, that that functionality will be soon available across resource groups to get more understanding about services and their dependencies in different resource groups.

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